Re: A not about GtkBuilder conversion


> This is not how things are supposed to be done ! gtk-builder-convert
> is not something you should or can rely on as a build tool. It is
> purely a one-time conversion help, with the assumption that the
> generated .ui files are manually checked and used as the primary
> source afterwards.

However it is not always feasible to do this. E.g. the module in
question, gnome-terminal, still keeps the original glade files since at
least at the time of its gtkbuilder conversion glade-3 was unable to
work with the converted .ui files. And it's not much use to use
gtbuilder files natively if one can't edit them afterwards!

Is there any special reason that gtk-builder-convert is unsuitable as a
build-time tool? If it has bugs, they should simply be fixed.


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