Re: Secret Storage API specification project

In case anyone is interested, a new 'secrets' DBus API has been brewing:

Michael Leupold wrote:
> Hi,
> A while ago Stef Walter (GNOME Keyring) and me (KDE Wallet) started to draft a 
> common D-BUS API for secret information storage. It's meant to make Keyring- 
> and KWallet-like daemons available under a common D-BUS interface and thus 
> increase interoperability between GNOME, KDE and other applications having the 
> need to securely store passwords and other confidential information.
> We just finished a first rough draft of the specification. For gaining 
> widespread acceptance and use, we'd like to invite everyone interested to join 
> the drafting process which will take place on our mailinglist [1]. This 
> encompasses people working on similar systems/daemons as well as application 
> developers interested in using such an API.
> The current draft is stored inside GNOME Keyring's git repository [2] and 
> generated using gtk-doc to generate the API documentation. The current working 
> draft is available inside the wiki [3]. If there's a need for 
> it we will move the spec to a repository where collaboration will be easier 
> and move the generation to docbook2html.
> Please note that the current D-BUS interface name is preliminary and not 
> settled upon. It will be decided once the new fd.o specification process has 
> been finalized.
> To give everyone interested the chance to join the mailinglist beforehand, I'd 
> like to start the discussions on Wednesday, 15th of July.
> Please forward this mail to members of your communities who might be 
> interested in taking part in the drafting process.
> Regards,
> Michael Leupold
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]

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