Re: Deprecating libical fork

> Am Montag, den 05.01.2009, 12:02 +0530 schrieb Srinivasa Ragavan:
>> is
>> the upstream libical that we would like to depend on for EDS. We would
>> like to have a external dependency on this and drop the fork that we
>> have been carrying around.

libical-0.43 has been released[1]. As the release notes indicate, it
includes a few bug fixes by the GNOME Evolution team. One (very
important) of them being "don't make end-user applications crash on
calls to ical_error_*". This change was made by the libical
maintainers after a long discussion with the KDE guys.

We (Evolution) would preferably like to use the 0.43 release :-)

However, if that is a problem for anybody, we can make the required
changes (in e-d-s and evolution) to stick to the 0.42 release.



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