Re: gnome-doc-utils, automake 1.9, and -Wno-portability

Am Montag, den 16.02.2009, 13:16 -0500 schrieb Daniel Macks:
> > 3) Decide that we don't support non-GNU make, which we
> > already don't.
> that's true, then all we need to do is shut up the warning *somehow*.
> Don't need to fix problems that only affect a program that isn't
> allowable anyway. If that's true, would be good to get an autoconf bit
> to test for it though:
>   checking for GNU make... no
>   Error: gnome-doc-utils requires 'make' that supports GNU Makefile
>          extensions.

Some attempts to solve this problem:;a=blob_plain;f=m4/gnu-make.m4

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