gnome-doc-utils, automake 1.9, and -Wno-portability

Ever since automake 1.9, automake has been spewing garbage like
this when you try to build any module that uses gnome-doc-utils:

Discussions on IRC indicate that we pretty much require GNU make
all over the place in Gnome, including for intltool.  I have had
numerous bugs filed and fixed against gnome-doc-utils for non-GNU
systems (mostly by the venerable Joe Marcus Clarke).  I can only
assume that, at this point, I'm not causing any *real* problems
for non-GNU systems; otherwise, I'd be seeing real bugs.

It seems to me that, if we just require GNU make, we ought to
just pass -Wno-portability to automake.  There's a bug and patch
from Philip Van Hoof to do this:

Christian Persch says he's in favor, but thinks it ought to be
discussion on desktop-devel-list.

So folks, let's discuss.


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