Re: gnome-packagekit external deps

Le mardi 08 décembre 2009, à 10:44 +0000, Richard Hughes a écrit :
> To fix some bugs, I've raised the gnome-packagekit dep on PackageKit
> to 0.5.5. I'm asking for retrospective permission to do so as I've
> been poked by a couple of people now.

In 2.28.x or 2.29.x?

> PackageKit 0.5.5 was released yesterday, and is part of the
> PACKAGEKIT_0_5_x series. Distros should have no real reason not to
> upgrade, and because 0.5.5 fixes a large number of bugs compared to
> 0.5.4, i would recommend it.

Well I guess if a distro is fine updating gnome-packagekit, it's also
fine updating PackageKit.


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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