Re: Enabling automake silent-rules by default

On 08/28/2009 02:41 PM, Luis Medinas wrote: ?

Yes i it exists already, so it will be a nice idea turning into a
offical goal for the next release. Any objection ?

Nice, but please no shave and no dolt.

  - shave: deprecated by automake silent rules

  - dolt: mostly deprecated by libtool 2.2 [1]


[1] In our measurements on cairo, libtool 2.2 was still slower than dolt, but by a much narrower margin than libtool 1.5. So, I strongly recommend against adding dolt if you don't have it already. I'll remove it from cairo one of these days. It's a 20-line shell script, but I had to fix two bugs in it with bash 2.x. Gotta love autotools, generates 50000 lines of portable shell script per project.

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