Re: Who is using WebKit in GNOME 2.28?

Am Donnerstag, den 20.08.2009, 08:40 -0400 schrieb Willie Walker:
> Which projects are going to use it

According to the jhbuild 2.28 moduleset:
devhelp, epiphany, seed, yelp.

And under <suggests> (no hard dependency):
anjuta (for devhelp plugin), empathy.

> and will there be alternatives for people to use Gecko-based
> technology if WebKit a11y isn't quite soup yet for 2.28?

Distros that think that webkit a11y is not "good enough" in 2.28 are
free to ship older module versions that do not depend on webkit, or
(better) put additional manpower on fixing the remaining webkit a11y
issues. ;-)

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