Re: New module proposal: tracker

On Tue, Aug 18, 2009 at 6:40 PM, Lennart Poettering<mztabzr 0pointer de> wrote:
>> It can be used directly by applications that feed it data through an
>> API. Zeitgeist is an example, another could be bookmarks/history
>> storage in Epiphany.
> I might not be fully up to date on all these things, but has Zeitgeist
> even been submitted as a module yet?

Not sure, they were just illustrative examples though. Epiphany is not
using tracker at the moment, for example (although I'm considering it
as an option).

> If tracker-store is not useful on its own and currently not used by
> anything else in GNOME, does it really make sense to push it into
> Also, even if the store has uses besides the indexer, just be honest:
> does it *really* add any measurable benefit to GNOME if this is in
> GNOME if the most important user (which is the indexer) is not?
> Does it really make sense to push the store independantly of the
> indexer?

Well, on one side this is the classical chicken-egg problem, isn't it?
The first move has to come from somewhere. I agree that it makes more
sense for applications to be already using something before it's
proposed, but it's also true than doing things that way we tend to
operate in a 'Fait accompli' mode were maintainers make decisions and
everyone else is just informed about them. Not that there's anything
wrong with that (even more, it's probably the best way to do
things...), just saying that this is a good moment to talk about
Tracker than any other :)


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