New module proposal: nautilus-sendto


I'm proposing the universally shipped nautilus-sendto for inclusion into

The blurb:
The nautilus-sendto package provides a Nautilus context menu for
sending files via other desktop applications.  These functions are
implemented as plugins, so nautilus-sendto can be extended with
additional features.

The dependencies:
- GTK+ and GConf
- evolution-data-server (optional)
- pidgin (optional)
- empathy-gtk (optional)
- gupnp (optional)
- dbus-glib (optional, for Bluetooth support)

Evolution 2.28 also supports nautilus-sendto being installed to send
attachments directly from evolution, without saving it somewhere in the

Shipped by all distributions, as far as I know, and a GNOMEy application
(git, bugzilla, no mailing-lists). It uses GtkBuilder, and should be a
clean build with the GTK+ 3.0 target.

I intend on making the plugins API available to other applications (such
as Pidgin or Empathy) to provide their own plugins, and move the
Bluetooth handling to gnome-bluetooth (part of GNOME 2.28).


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