Panel applets and Bonobo

This might be the wrong list, but I've been interested in making a panel applet.

The tutorials here [1] and here [2] both are beginning tutorials in
applet development, but they both use Bonobo.  I am aware that
previously Bonobo was a common part of GNOME applets.

Since there are efforts to deprecate Bonobo*, is there any information
for starting a panel applet without Bonobo?  My only sources for
learning are 1) tutorials and 2) examining other applets, and both of
these methods (as I've explored so far) still are not Bonobo-free.

Any links or resources?  Or, since I'm just starting and don't even
know why Bonobo is so bad, is it better to just go ahead and
experiment and not worry about this?


*Although for the life of me, I can't actually find that in a
GnomeGoals or GnomeLove page, although I was -certain- I remembered
seeing a status report for all GNOME projects on that.  I can only
find Evolution's KillBonobo page in Google now.  And the GTK
documentation does say it is deprecated...

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