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Le mercredi 22 avril 2009, à 16:46 +0200, Vincent Untz a écrit :
> Hey,
> The GTK+ team documented how they'd like to see the git commit messages
> in
> ===================== copy & paste =====================
> The expected format for git commit messages is as follows:
> === begin example commit ===
> Short explanation of the commit
> Longer explanation explaining exactly what's changed, whether any
> external or private interfaces changed, what bugs were fixed (with bug
> tracker reference if applicable) and so forth. Be concise but not too brief.
> === end example commit ===
>   - Always add a brief description of the commit to the _first_ line of
>     the commit and terminate by two newlines (it will work without the
>     second newline, but that is not nice for the interfaces).
>   - First line (the brief description) must only be one sentence and
>     should start with a capital letter unless it starts with a lowercase
>     symbol or identifier. Don't use a trailing period either. Don't exceed
>     72 characters.
>   - The main description (the body) is normal prose and should use normal
>     punctuation and capital letters where appropriate. Normally, for patches
>     sent to a mailing list it's copied from there.
>   - When committing code on behalf of others use the --author option, e.g.
>     git commit -a --author "Joe Coder <joe coder org>" and --signoff.
> ========================================================

Frédéric (fredp) is suggesting to also propose a standard scheme to
reference bugs that are fixed by a commit (so we can script things if
it's needed one day -- that's similar to what Debian does).

Something like "Closes: #123456" or "Fixes: #123456".

This should probably live in the longer explanation since the short
explanation is limited in size...

(Then we can also reference other bug trackers when needed: bnc#12345,
rh#12345, lp#12345, etc.)


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