Re: Adding module descriptions

On Fri, Apr 17, 2009 at 8:38 PM, Pat Suwalski <pat suwalski net> wrote:
> Patryk Zawadzki wrote:
>> aclocal -I barbeque
>> BARBEQUE_OMG([ponies = 1], [rainbows = 0])
>> ICANHAS(kthxbye)
> WTF. Śmieszne. Been exploring the Mary Jane?

At least some of the m4 macros look just like that: callouts to macros
imported from aclocal customizations that affect the list of needed
packages. You need to either remember which macros in what packages to
check (aside from the obvious library and pkgconfig checks) or re-read
the whole config.log every time a build breaks.

The point is deps are not changed at random, the person merging code
changes is the best person to update build deps. This is unfortunately
not something you can always find in ChangeLog/NEWS.

It makes little sense for me as a GNOME developer (inside jhbuild or
garnome) but would be pretty useful for me as a downstream packager
(with tons of .spec files to edit with every GNOME release).

I agree this is slightly off topic and parallel to the git migration
effort. I'll let the topic die here. But please:

1) don't top-post
2) avoid silly personal arguments


Patryk Zawadzki

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