Re: Testing dark themes and marking deprecated widgets

2008/9/30 Benjamin Berg <benjamin sipsolutions net>
On Tue, 2008-09-30 at 12:54 +0200, Vincent Untz wrote:
> Le mardi 30 septembre 2008, à 12:31 +0200, Benjamin Berg a écrit :
> > Do you think that exposing deprecated widgets and theme related bugs
> > like this is a good idea?
> I like the idea. But I would guess distros would patch this out :/ Maybe
> we can do some opt-in thing, with a gconf key or a file somewhere in
> $HOME that would enable this kind of stuff so that users of distros can
> still participate in this kind of testing if they want?

I guess we could ship two themes. Where it would be either:
 * A modified "Clearlooks" and a "ClearlooksStable" theme
 * The normal "Clearlooks" and a "ClearlooksTest" theme

Where the first option would be the default during (parts of) the
unstable release cycle. Should distributions change it and ship the
normal "Clearlooks" theme then the "ClearlooksTest" theme could still be
build and shipped.
This way, users can switch to the testing the theme if they want to.


I'm for the Clearlooks and Clearlooks stable.
If we will do in that way, maybe someone will use the testing one (because it is default).
Otherwise this is totally useless ;) Who on earth will fetch the appearance applet and decide to use a broken (because the dark one will have bugs) theme? Maybe me, you benzea, and thomas ;) Quite useless, isn't it? =)

That's IMHO, of course.
Andrea Cimitan -

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