Idea about creation of a new app for launching remote apps using ssh


At first, I have no idea about programming, this is only an idea then,
if nobody wants to do anything on it then OK and no problem at all :-)

The idea would be the following:

Now, I usually run remote apps doing the following:
1. I run "xhost + `remote ip`"
2. "ssh -X `remote ip`"
3. "export DISPLAY="`local ip`:0.0"
4. And I run remote app

I prefer use this because sometimes (usually for me) XDMCP is really slower and
I have no need to use full remote desktop. I would prefer a way for running
*only* needed remote app to get it on local desktop

The idea would be make these steps "automatically" from a GUI that user
could use for running remote apps like evolution, for example

Thanks a lot :-)

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