Re: External dependencies, DeviceKit-power and GNOME Power Manager

Le mardi 25 novembre 2008 à 13:03 -0500, David Zeuthen a écrit :
> You are of course very free to do whatever you want with your operating
> system but a couple of points here
>  - ConsoleKit has nothing to do with assigning device permissions; dunno
>    know from where you got that idea. However, ConsoleKit as a mechanism
>    is typically used to dynamically manage ACL's on device nodes.

I thought ConsoleKit was responsible for propagating the information
about console seats that is used to set these permissions. Apparently
this is wrong and pam_console is still responsible for it on Redhat, so
please forgive the mistake.

>  - FWIW, mediating device access through group membership is
>    considered broken by most people that care about security [1].
>    AFAIK, Ubuntu is moving away from it too.

I am well aware that group membership is not a silver bullet. Still, I’d
be glad if security people helped implement the missing pieces in the
kernel rather than tell us every available solution we have is wrong :)

> Again, you are free to do whatever you want in your OS. No one forces
> you to use dynamic ACL's and if something in the future does that, then
> I agree that it's problematic for something like GNOME to depend on.

I see that we agree then. As long as this remains clear, I have no
objection to making ConsoleKit a mandatory piece of the desktop.
Actually, the uses that e.g. PulseAudio can have for it are really nice
things to have.

> Please avoid spreading misinformation. Thanks.

This was certainly not my intention.

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