Re: new module proposal: notification-daemon+libnotify

On 6 Nov 2008, at 17:38, David Zeuthen wrote:

But not all notifications comes from applications launched by the user.
For example

"There is a high probability that one or more of your hard disk will
 malfunction within the next 24 hours"

"Your laptop battery is being recalled"

"Security updates available"

I'm not sure where we'd display stuff like this except for using icons
in the notification area.

Some sort of status icon change with an appropriate tooltip would probably be sufficient for things that don't need immediate attention. For things that do, or for which there is no status icon, an alert box is often more appropriate anyway.

Which doesn't sound like a winning scenario
either (granted for the latter two we do have icons in the notification
area; probably not for the former (we could do that though)).

It would be good if the HIG covered this.

Yeah, there's an embryonic section in the draft HIG that never got finished :/ It remains to be seen whether the HIG will actually see any more activity before all this new desktop shell stuff sees the light of day... but I'd like to think we can finish some of those pending updates and push out one more version.


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