Re: SemanticDesktop

Hi Anders,

2008/5/25 Anders Feder <lists anders feder dk>:
> Hello,
> I'm informally looking into the possibilities for integrating Semantic Web
> technologies with GNOME. I've outlined a few early ideas at:

"The devil is in the details". But lets give it a chance.

> Does anyone have any comments on how to proceed with this and what other
> projects/efforts should be taken into consideration?

 In tracker we are working in our "Object Database". It is not so
powerful as RDF but is much easier and direct, and will allow to
implement a lot of interesting stuff on top of it.

 Right now the documentation is poor/inexistent, but we intend to fix
that and complete the implementation in the next releases.

> I'm having an informal IRC chat with Sebastian Trüg of NEPOMUK-KDE tomorrow
> (monday) evening (GMT) about this subject; if anyone has any comments or
> questions they would like me to pass on, please leave a note at:

> If anyone wants to join the chat first hand, please subscribe to the same
> wiki page ( ) - I will post
> time and place in advance there.

 I'll try to be there.

Ivan Frade

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