Re: Getting a list of open files, the smart way?

On 5/15/08, Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro <gjc inescporto pt> wrote:
> On Wed, 2008-05-14 at 19:10 -0500, Diego Escalante Urrelo wrote:
> > Hi,
>  >
>  > I have made a quite simple patch for bug 528559[0], it makes the quite
>  > useless "drive is being used" dialog into a list of applications using
>  > such drive[1].
>  >
>  > I'm using a little hack with lsof, but it's not really reliable, like
>  > when process names are too long. I checked libgtop quickly but the
>  > lack of documentation didn't help.
>  >
>  > So, I'm writing to get some clues about this, any advice? My main
>  > problem is to do something like "tell me which files in device $d are
>  > in use, and tell me the executable for the process using such file"
> If you have time, you could go two steps further than "the executable
>  for the process using such file":
>   1- Try to find a .desktop file associated with the exe and display the
>  application name and icon instead;

That's what it does right now :). I forgot to mention the coolest part
of the patch, *smacks head against desk*.
The executable name is important to use it as the .desktop file name,
luckily all the end user process have executables that match their
.desktop files (banshee = banshee.desktop).

>   2- Offer options (button?) to terminate each of the applications
>  (SIGTERM first then SIGKILL if SIGTERM does not work after a while)

That's in the todo, first I need to clear the issue of reliable open
files listing. Help or clues are appreciated.

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