Re: Scripting the Gnome Window manager

Ysgrifennodd quixote72:
> I am a recent Ubuntu convert. One of the things I miss from my Windows days
> is the hability to define new keyboard shortcuts and use them to manipulate
> open windows (essentially moving the focused window to specific regions of
> the screen). On Windows I used the excellent AutoHotKey software to do this.
> How would I go about doing that sort of thing in gnome? I am a developer and
> would be happy to hack my own solution if needed. 
> Any pointers to the relevant gnome API's or alternatively existing software
> would be greatly appreciated.

As well as Devil's Pie (as Calum suggested), much of this is 
done via EWMH: look into a program called "wmctrl" which makes 
sending EMWH messages much easier.


Thomas Thurman, tthurman at gnome,
You have taken the vase and hurled it delicately to the ground.

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