Re: gnome-session proposal

William Jon McCann wrote:

Dan Winship and Lucas Rocha have done a nice job revamping the
gnome-session codebase.  It was a meritorious task.  You can read
about the design here:

The new code is much cleaner.  Parts of the new design are very good.
In particular, using autostart as the database of
registered/automatically started applications, allowing use of a gconf
key to turn programs on and off, and starting up the desktop in phases
all make a lot of sense.

I don't have a problem with coming up with a better design, but it
should work with any configuration setup users may already have setup.

The current GNOME System Administration Guide recommends to people that
they use the old default.session interface for starting programs.  Will
this interface be supported for backwards compatibility, or will there
be some automatic migration of any existing programs to the new system?


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