Re: gnome-session proposal

I'm sorry if I missed something (I just woke up and my eyes and brain
aren't at 100% yet)...

Doing the startup in phases like that sounds to me to be suboptimal.
If we're halting the startup of a whole "Desktop" (or even "Panel")
process just because we don't have a WM ready, it's going to add a lot
of time to login, right?

What would be better is if we could add something (a module?) to GTK
to be aware of session state, and when a Window Manager is required
(like when trying to map a window, or trying to get a colour map*), we
could just block until the session manager says we're good to go. This
should allow us to make much more efficient use of time with not too
much effort, counting on there being a lot of code to run before a
window is actually mapped (is this assumption valid?)

* Currently, gnome-terminal starts up before the WM and if you run a
compositing WM, you get an RGB window unless you close it and open it

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