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On 6/21/08, Jason D. Clinton <me jasonclinton com> wrote:
> I know that a lot of discussion around this topic will be taking place (in
> smoke filled rooms) at GUADEC but for those of us who can't afford to make
> the trip, some of this conversation needs to be had here on this mailing
> list (and pointedly not on foundation-list on which many developers are not
> subscribed). This mail is born out of a combination of frustration over a
> lack of action taken from Decadence Thread and the continuing reality check
> that Linux Haters Blog is giving our collective community.

LinuxHaters is just awesome.

> [...]
> 2. The Giant Rift in the Gnome community over Mono has to end. I hate Mono
> as much as the next guy but it's quite apparent now that some really cool
> stuff with financial backing from Big Linux Distributor is not going away:
> Gnome Main Menu, Banshee, F-Spot, Beagle, Tomboy, etc. We have to get rid of
> the rift and bring the two diverging communities back together. Whatever
> damage that might incur in the minds of the Slashdot crowd has already been
> done--Gnome is perceived (rightly or wrongly) to be largley 'infested with
> Mono' in the minds of our critics. We cannot capitulate on this to appease a
> vocal minority of users that detest Mono. It's obvious it's not going away
> and, with a trivial amount of work, we can mend the rift by including the
> afore-mentioned mondules in our official releases. Let's just do it and move
> on with our lives.

Let's not waste bits in this topic. The more we talk about it, the
more it seems to be an issue, when it's not. You'll always find
someone against it.

> 3. Marketing to developers must get ramped up; we agree that we need a new
> generation of awesome developers to bring new ideas and blood in to our
> process. A number of our Gnome modules are in "barely maintained" mode. With
> new blood, we can reinvigorate 2.x while looking to the future. And I've
> volunteer for this one in the form of 15 minute screen casts. However, it
> needs web hosting space. And that needs Gnome resources. What do we have to
> do to make this hosting happen? What else can we do to get more developers?

Frustration is born from not being able to do what you know you can or
must do, and I don't see how is it that you are being stopped of
recording the videos you want to do.

If you need space in, I'm sure anyone in this thread will be
happy to scp your videos to their homes in, in the worst
In the best case, pasting an URL with your videos will put the blocker
on web team directly. Right now the blocker is on you! We can't upload
videos we don't have!.
If you are willing to do the videos, then just record them, everyone
will be happy to have such contribution, I think your idea is great.
But as I just said, given that you are the one willing to do the
videos, everyone is waiting for you to do them. As soon as you fulfill
this expectation, the new one will be "where are the webmasters? why
haven't they link to these cool videos?", or even better, someone will
say "what about $MYDISTRO? I guess I'll have to record a video!".

So, basically: do what you want to do, things will just happen when
you are done, in the worst case you'll have clear culprits to point


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