Re: Need Leadership

On Sat, 2008-06-21 at 11:57 -0500, Jason D. Clinton wrote:
> 2. The Giant Rift in the Gnome community over Mono has to end. I hate
> Mono as much as the next guy but it's quite apparent now that some
> really cool stuff with financial backing from Big Linux Distributor is
> not going away: Gnome Main Menu, Banshee, F-Spot, Beagle, Tomboy, etc.
> We have to get rid of the rift and bring the two diverging communities
> back together. Whatever damage that might incur in the minds of the
> Slashdot crowd has already been done--Gnome is perceived (rightly or
> wrongly) to be largley 'infested with Mono' in the minds of our
> critics. We cannot capitulate on this to appease a vocal minority of
> users that detest Mono. It's obvious it's not going away and, with a
> trivial amount of work, we can mend the rift by including the
> afore-mentioned mondules in our official releases. Let's just do it
> and move on with our lives.

I don't see what Gnome Main Menu is doing in your anti-Mono rant. Or
maybe you are and editing contributor of "" and decided
to spread the misinformation here where people actually tend to know
what they are talking about.


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