Re: Future of GNOME: Semantics

On Tue, Jun 17, 2008 at 12:37:35AM +0200, Anders Feder wrote:
> Olav,
> tir, 17 06 2008 kl. 00:09 +0200, skrev Olav Vitters:
> > People who do stuff don't generally join because of an interesting idea.
> Then there is clearly more than one type of "people who do stuff".

Not sure why you respond like this, especially if you snip the stuff I
responded to, which included your remark:
| I really don't see what should keep people from joining up if they
| find the idea worthwhile.

as a reply to:
| Posting here is good, but don't expect ten people to join your band
| wagon just like that :-)

You saw my remark as an attack or something?

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