Re: Future of GNOME: Semantics

On Sun, Jun 15, 2008 at 5:19 PM, Anders Feder <lists anders feder dk> wrote:
> In Sebastian's architecture, Conduit would invoke Soprano, which would
> then access Evolutions database through a backend. This way, Evolution
> (and other applications) doesn't have to implement a SPARQL query
> parser.

Why does any of this (semantics) need a new "GNOME 3"?
Can conduit not invoke Soprano in a GNOME 2 desktop?

I don't understand the perceived need to start from scratch and make
GNOME 3 a "semantic desktop"
or an "online desktop".
Can you not implement semantics in applications that would benefit from it first
Then if its useful it will get adopted by other things.

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