Re: Changing bookmarks file location

On Sun, Jun 1, 2008 at 3:20 PM, Don Scorgie <Don scorgie org> wrote:
> This has been brought up for a number of projects in GNOME [1].  I
> wonder if we could / should reach some consensus on the best way to do
> this across all modules?  I've been holding off doing this in yelp
> because I can't think of a good way to go about it.

> Maybe adding code to check while running is the best way.  And maybe I'm
> just rambling on and should be quiet.

No, you're making sense to me, at least. We've got a few migration
details for Nautilus that we want to tackle before 2.24. It'd be
interesting if we could do this in some kind of desktop-wide way, but
even if that kind of solution is beyond us, at least we could get a
good consensus of the best way to do it before moving forward.

However, I  disagree that adding code is the way to go here. Not only
for the overhead, but for maintenance reasons. Nautilus has taught me
that this kind of code tends to stay around way after its expiration
date. So we probably should script it, and just use the new locations
in the code from then on. I'm just not sure of what the best way to
provide said script would be (either dump it in the repo, document it
in README-Migration and tell distros to package it for upgrades, or if
there's some kind of GNOME-wide way we could/should do this?)

I also think that developer's inconvenience isn't that bad, since we
will be the first ones to migrate and we have the skill-set to
troubleshoot any problems we have along the way. The worry for me is
user inconvenience as any change in behavior can be really disruptive.
I can't tell you how many times I've already had to explain the new
trash location to users. Getting as much of that pain over with as
soon as possible is going to be good for everyone. And it'll be better
if it all happens at the same time, so that it's easier to explain to

There's also a mostly empty GnomeGoals page for tracking (at least
part of) this progress:

-A. Walton

> Don
> [1] see for the yelp
> bug, and
> for the tracking bug across the whole of GNOME.

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