Re: Proposed module: conduit

On Thu, 2008-07-31 at 13:03 +0200, Patryk Zawadzki wrote:
> 2008/7/31 Mathias Hasselmann <mathias hasselmann gmx de>:
> > Am Donnerstag, den 31.07.2008, 12:39 +0200 schrieb Dave Neary:
> >> Hi,
> >>
> >> Vincent Untz wrote:
> >> > Short description:
> >> > ==================
> >> > Conduit is a synchronization architecture for the GNOME desktop. It
> >> > provides an intuitive GUI for synchronizing things and a DBus interface
> >> > for external applications to do the same.
> >>
> >> Stepping back for a second (obnoxiously creating a whole new
> >> sub-thread), I'd like to say it's a pity that "conduit as architecture"
> >> has become conflated with "conduit as GUI application". It's kind of
> >> like talking about gconfeditor's GUI when considering gconf for
> >> inclusion in the platform.
> >
> > Well, just adding "conduit as architecture", and deferring inclusion of
> > its UI until 2.26 sounds compelling. That way applications can start
> > using it.
> See my earlier proposition - just move the menu icon to
> system/preferences and hide the status icon.

I'm not completely opposed to this idea. I support removing the status
icon, and disabling the start at login behaviour (autostart via DBus
will be sufficient) [1].

I don't know If I agree with the icon being in system/preferences
however, for two reasons.

* If/when a future, improved UI appears, it will probably live in
accessories, so why confuse existing conduit users with two moves, once
-> system, and once back to accessories.
* The system/prefs menus are already very cluttered, often with items
that are neither system related, nor preferences, and often its not
clear which menu they should belong in.


[1] Dear lazyweb. Is there a 'right way' to programatically manage this
'should I start at login?' behaviour - from inside the app. It seems
that installing two .desktop files, and then managing the starting
behaviour from the sessions capplet is a bit convoluted. Cant I just
rewrite the .desktop file from within conduit to include/exclude some
sort of magic autostart key?. Please reply off list.

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