Name vs GenericName (again)


In GNOME, we generally only use Name. Which mean gedit appears as "Text
Editor" and Totem as "Movie Player". Makes a lot of sense to me.
However, if you install another text editor or movie player, we end up
with something like "Text Editor" and "GVIM" in the menus, or "Movie
Player" and "VLC Movie Player", etc.

It doesn't really help that much. I'd like to propose the following:

 + define at the fd.o level some standard GenericName values (Text
   Editor, Movie Player, Calculator, etc.)
 + start using those GenericName values in .desktop files in GNOME
 + when using GenericName, then define Name as "name of the app +
   generic name" or "GNOME + generic name". Eg: "Totem Movie Player" or
   "GNOME Movie Player". We do this for translators, since we cannot
   automatically concatenate the name and the generic name.
 + when displaying a menu, use this algorithm:
   - if only one item for some value of GenericName, then display this
     item as GenericName
   - if two items for GenericName, then display both items with their

This way, we'll have "Movie Player" when only totem is installed, and
"Totem Movie Player" and "VLC Movie Player" when totem and vnc are



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