Re: External Deps for GNOME 2.24 - shared-mime-info from 0.22 to 0.40

On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 3:46 AM, Frederic Crozat <fcrozat mandriva com> wrote:

> Well, I guess there are communication issues somewhere because Bastien
> told me about this incompatibility when 0.40 was released and we got hit
> by a bug on Mandriva cooker after pushing 0.40 but with still glib
> 2.16.x : nautilus was no longer able to check for correct icons. This
> was fixed by upgrading to glib 2.17.2.
> It seems to be visible only if user has a local mime database in
> ~/.local/share/mime in the "old" format, which will discard the "system"
> database. More about this on

Ok, so what is happening here is a shortcoming of the xdgmime
implementation. It doesn't handle
different versions of caches in different directories very well. Here
it sees a cache it understands in
~/.local, so it decides to use the caches. But it can't understand the
cache in /usr/share since it is
a newer version, so all the mime data from /usr/share is ignored. A
better implementation would make
the cache-or-no-cache decision for each directory individually.


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