Re: Using vala in GNOME

sø., 29.06.2008 kl. 22.02 +0000, skrev Stef:
> I've been implementing some parts of seahorse (and maybe soon
> gnome-keyring) in Vala.
> I'm assuming this is an acceptable thing for a gnome module to do, as it
> adds no new dependencies (build-time or run-time).
> However it does add a 'hacking' dependency. That is, obviously if
> someone wants to get involved in those portions of seahorse that are
> written in vala, they'd need to build vala (which is easy to do).
> I believe this is an acceptable tradeoff, since seahorse and
> gnome-keyring have most of their code contributed by a small number of
> people ... and using vala speeds up development for that small number of
> people.
> Barring any objections, the next release of seahorse will contain some
> vala code.
Well the objections were raised and still the code is in svn. This hit
me today when trying to build with jhbuild and we need to make a
decision whether vala is blessed as a dependency or not. I don't
personally have anything against this but I think the vala maintainers
need to chime in with some kind of guarantees for stability etc.

Frederic added vala as a tarball to the modulesets so people can build
it to make seahorse build, but didn't add the dep yet.


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