Problem with intltool 0.40.0?

Yesterday I discovered that "make dist/distcheck" in gdm 2.20 branch
failed because make couldn't find,, and  These files get generated
by the intltool module.

I was able to fix this problem by rebuilding my intltool module with the
older 0.37.1 version (which was what I was using before I encountered
this problem).

The intltool documentation (e.g. intltoolize manpage) seems to imply
that you need to add these intltool-*.in files to EXTRA_DIST in your
top-level  Are we supposed to update our top-level files to be compatible with the latest intltool?  Apologies
if this has been addressed already, and I missed some post telling me
I was supposed to do something.

If we are no longer supposed to set EXTRA_DIST, then the documentation
should be updated to reflect this, I guess.  Or is this just a bug in
intltool 0.40.0 that the files don't get created anymore?



I've posted new tarballs to

All bugs you guys reported are supposed to be fixed, also
cmake updated to 2.6.0.


On Fri, 2008-06-20 at 18:24 +1200, Laszlo (Laca) Peter wrote:
If you used the JDS CBE and/or the KBE (KDE build env) before,
here's the big news: they have been merged to form the Desktop CBE. Test tarballs are now available here:

The most important changes:
 - a lot more tools included
 - supports Solaris 10, Nevada, OpenSolaris
 - only the tools that are not integrated in the OS are installed
 - all tools updated to more recent versions, including
   pkgbuild (1.3.0)
 - interactive and hands-free installation
 - improved script now supports:
   - multiple compilers
   - subshell mode

Note: the Desktop CBE is installed in /opt/dtbld.

Please send feedback to Lukas, myself or desktop-discuss.  Remember
that this is a test release, it is entirely possible that it will
wipe your hard drive, shred your dvd collection or transfer your
savings to offshore bank accounts so use at your own risk.

Lukas and Laca


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