Re: State of gvfs in Gnome 2.21

Vincent Untz wrote:

> FWIW, Andre created this page to track the status of the migration to
> gio:

I updated on a very conservative reading of a big grep on my jhbuild
checkout, marking some modules as not needing migration.

The diff is there[1] and the modules I marked are dasher, gcalctool,
gnome-background, gnome-games, gnome-icon-theme, gnome-netstatus,
gnome-mag, gnome-session, gnome-themes, gnome-user-docs,
gnome-volume-manager, gok, gtkhtml, libgail-gnome, libgnomekbd,
liboobs, libwnck, metacity, orca, swfdec-gnome, vino, zenity and

I'll pay a Belgian beer at the FOSDEM party [2] to the owners of the
modules I would have touched by error.


[2] see

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