Re: Requiring DOAP instead of MAINTAINERS file

On Mon, 2008-01-21 at 21:43 +0100, Wouter Bolsterlee wrote:
> 2008-01-21 klockan 21:08 skrev Behdad Esfahbod:
> > Which brings us to the logical conclusion that either the big-letter
> > files should be created from DOAP file automatically, or the other way
> > around.  I'm sure most agree that other way around is preferred at this
> > time.  Right?
> As for the one-time conversion, yes. Otherwise I'd say no.

Then I'm not in favor.  Redundancy is like others have mentioned a
recipe for one falling out-dated.

> > So, what I like to see is, MAINTAINERS and AUTHORS automatically scanned
> > for names/address/login-ids and central DOAP file updated and as a
> > result Bugzilla developers for the module updated.  Bugzilla module for
> > a SVN module also can be easily extracted from configure.{in,ac}.  It's
> > supposed to be at least.
> The same applies here: only for the initial import methinks.


> > To summarize, seems to me like most of the thread was in fact irrelevant
> > as I don't see any change being proposed to individual modules.  It's
> > about gathering meta-information about GNOME in a central place, and I
> > don't see how that can be bad, even if the format is not perfect.  We
> > can always write an XSL style to convert to any other one, right?
> > That's what's great about XML, right?
> No, since DOAP is not XML---it's RDF encoded as XML. RDF-XML is not a
> canonical representation, and the parse tree may be completely different
> while still bearing the same information. That's not to say RDF cannot be
> transformed: RDF was intended to be machine-parseable by design, just like
> (traditional) XML.

You're sure on a No roll :).  I don't see how that conflicts with what I
said.  The proposed format to keep this data was XML I guess.  Or at
least it can be XML.  What I said still holds.

>   mvrgr, Wouter

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 Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
        -- Benjamin Franklin, 1759

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