Re: This proposal doesn't imply extra work (was: Requiring DOAP instead of MAINTAINERS file)

On Mon, 2008-01-21 at 12:16 +0100, Olav Vitters wrote:
> On Jan 18, 2008 9:49 AM, Olav Vitters <ovitters gmail com> wrote:
> > Summary: I'd like replace the MAINTAINERS requirement by doap files.
> > I have a partial script that I want to expand to include as much info
> > as I can possibly can add automatically (everything until the 'and others'
> > above).
> Just highlighting the parts that have been missed. I'd appreciate, but
> it is *not at all required* to do any work after the script changes
> the format from MAINTAINERS to doap.

Mea culpa, and Great!

> I know changing this part of the infrastructure (maintainers vs doap)
> for the second time is not ideal. However, some things are just needed
> to have a better infrastructure. E.g. Mango would not work without
> knowing the maintainers in some machine parseable way.


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