Libgweather 2.21.2 "unstable like a one-legged stool" is released

Dear lovers of rainy and sunny days,

I've just released libgweather-2.21.2, closely following the 2.21.1
release that Callum kindly made earlier today.

What is libgweather?

It's an API UNSTABLE library that apps can use to get weather
information from various online sources.  It is used in the
international clock applet, the weather applet, and in millions of
electric toothbrushes throughout the world.

The only change from the last release is the addition of a
GWEATHER_I_KNOW_THIS_IS_UNSTABLE preprocessor symbol.  You need to
#define it if you want to #include libgweather's header files, to
acknowledge that you know what you are doing.


MD5 summaries:

715394c673895b52d1f807f874b66770  libgweather-2.21.2.tar.bz2
34c8913148232eb9ff15d1b5dc0b32a2  libgweather-2.21.2.tar.gz



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