Re: Proposed module: cheese

Sorry for messing with threading but I originally received this
message in a batch and only got to answering it now.

daniel g. siegel wrote:
> On Sa, 2007-12-22 at 22:22 +0100, Jaap A. Haitsma wrote:
> > > > 4) And as Shaun is mentioning, we need a manual
> > > there is a bug! ehm somewhere... hmm..
> > >
> > >
> > > jaap: should we forward that to the doc team?
> > I've filed an issue at GNOME GHOP
> >
> nobody yet?

This shouldn't be considered a show stopper as other modules including
the great new gdm are missing docs at this point.

> > Let's see if we can get new contributors. If that doesn't work we can
> > ask GNOME doc team

The good thing is currently cheese does not need an awful lot of
documentation as the interface is pretty straighforward. What I'd ask
for is a HIG review now when we still have some time to fix potential

> > > 5) vincent needs some more ice to be convinced ;)
> > > > I think it's better to wait for 2.24
> > > i dont want to take that decision. but in my opinion its getting close:
> > > feature freeze is on january 17th. that means we would have to finish
> > > our feature list by that date. is that possible?

I think the main feature list is already there in cheese. People want
a simple photobooth-like application to play with their webcams. All
other features are really just eye candy.

> > A lot is possible, but realistically I don't know. Problem I set is
> > that by that time we won't have had widespread testing
> we had a release about one week ago. i would like to hear some comments
> from proper gnome developers, if they feel if cheese is ready for
> inclusion.

I think cheese is in a far better state than some other applications
were back then when they got included. Inclusion also means a lot of
feedback helping us to improve the software like it helped file-roller
become what it is today.

Of course no software has bugs but there is always a point one release
to get rid of them and I can't imagine a situation where use of cheese
could lead to any data loss (of course it will lead to certain
productivity loss but that's the point of cheese).

> jaap and myself already "made" a decision, but i actually would like to
> hear some comments from you guys!

I strongly support the proposal of including cheese in GNOME 2.22. The
application already received a fair amount of community testing
including other GNOME developers who helped me by sending script dumps
I asked for on the cheese website. Out of well over a hundred mails I
received only two people said cheese would mistake their TV tuner card
for a webcam but that is currently limited by HAL capabilities of
telling these devices apart.

Patryk Zawadzki
PLD Linux Distribution

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