Re: help sanity check the release notes

On Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 10:04:17PM +0900, Davyd Madeley wrote:
> What this means is that if you think you have a stake in the release
> notes, you should sanity check them for me. It's really easy to do:
>   Step 1. Check them out from SVN:
>           svn co svn+ssh:// release-notes-2.22

Heads-up: I plan to move the release-notes soon from gnomeweb-wml to a
new module called 'release-notes' (ETA: tomorrow). This will allow the
release-notes to:
1. Be on library.go
2. Have automatic updates (like now on wgo, but for good libgo
integration we need a good solution)
3. On damned-lies (better integrated than now)

The focus will be on the 2.22 release notes. I'll get those working
ASAP. Until that works, I'll leave copies of the r-n in gnomeweb-wml.
When everything is working, the 2.22 r-n will be removed from trunk on

Eventually I want to have the 2.0 - 2.20 on there as well. That'll take
more time (probably need more fixes, etc).

Having these on libgo is better because:
1. Automatic language detection
2. Consistent layout
3. No weird g-d-u setup in gnomeweb-wml (I'd rather have all the build
logic be done by fredp's libgo)


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