Gtk+/Gtk# superhero needed ASAP for Tomboy's Tool buttons

A few weeks ago I modified our use of GtkToolbar to not use the
deprecated way of adding items.  I did this so we could allow add-ins
to add toolbar items to the NoteWindow.  However, there are a couple
things I haven't had time to take care of and wondered if anyone out
there could do so ASAP since Monday is hard code freeze?

1) ToolItems with submenus should really have an arrow on them so the
user gets an indication that there's a submenu before they even click
it.  I had something kind of working, but when the user changed their
toolbar preferences to show horizontally/vertically and with/without
text, it wasn't behaving properly.  I haven't made time to track this
down.  Perhaps this is a bug in GtkToolbar?

2) The buttons are only responding on the ButtonReleased event instead
of opening right when a user presses a button down.

3) If the NoteWindow is sized too narrow, this makes the toolbar put
an indicator on the right-hand side of the toolbar to indicate more
toolbar items exist.  In the case of the Notebook toolitem, it's not
behaving properly and sometimes causes a crash when you interact with

Here are a couple of the associated bugs with more details.

If anyone has a chance to fix this or send in patches soon, that'd
rock.  I'm extremely booked at work right now and basically won't have
any time before Monday to look into these.



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