Re: Sound effects

>> Category a, the sounds can be provided by the application as they are
>> ear candy. Not necessarily essential, but make the program nicer or
>> cuter to use.
>> Or in the case of the audio-channel test sounds are essential to the
>> running of the program, but are far too rarely used to be worthy of
>> making them themable.
> Right, but you still want a way to define the format, the location and
> the localization.

The application knows where the sound goes, it installed it. I'm
failing to see what localisation is required for sounds
except in the case where the audio-channel test sounds are speech.

> It does not hurt to grow the sound naming list.

Sure it does, it makes it harder to make a sound theme, and given that
there currently isn't a complete sound theme
(the official sound-theme-freedesktop only has 41 sounds currently, I
don't think its a good idea to be adding more names to the list)
It also makes it even more sounds to learn.


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