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'The dash "-" character is used to separate levels of specificity in
sound names. For instance, we use "search-results" as the generic item
for all search results, and we use "search-results-empty" for an empty
search result. However, if the more specific item does not exist in
the current theme, and does exist in a parent theme, the generic sound
from the current theme is preferred, in order to keep consistent
style. From left to right the words in a sound name become more
specific. In some cases what word in a name is more specific is
ambiguous. (i.e. "dialog-error" and "error-dialog" both make sense,
the former would ease defining the same sound for all dialogs popping
up, regardless of its context, the latter would ease defining the same
sound for all errors, regardless of how it is presented to the user).
In such cases it is generally preferred to put the UI element noun
left -- if there is one --, however exceptions of this rule are
acceptable. "

So all the complete-* can be replaced by one "complete" sound.

And all the sound can link to the same sound, if what you want is a
single sound (although I would never do that)

> A sound effect needs to be a subtle sound.

We all agree.


> The sound theme spec[3] defines four[see footnote 4] categories;
> Alert, Notification, Support and Game.
> I think these 125 sounds spread over the 4 categories can be reduced
> to a single sound [5].
> How to combine all the 125 sounds defined in the naming spec into one
> single sound?
> Firstly the Game category can go. Its not really sounds for games
> anyway, its sounds for card games.
> Games are a special case and whatever sounds the game requires should
> be provided by them.
> Secondly, throughout the other 3 categories, the sounds are either
> a) Very application specific (i.a. the camera sounds, the phone sounds)
> b) State the obvious (i.a. lid-close and lid-open. I know I've closed
> the lid, I don't need to be told about it[7])
> c) Mean that "something has happened that you did not specificially
> ask to happen, and may require your attention"
> Category a, the sounds can be provided by the application as they are
> ear candy. Not necessarily essential, but make the program nicer or
> cuter to use.
> Or in the case of the audio-channel test sounds are essential to the
> running of the program, but are far too rarely used to be worthy of
> making them themable.

Right, but you still want a way to define the format, the location and
the localization. We could ask Lennart why it's here, he added them
here, and I could not find objections. It does not hurt to grow the
sound naming list. What is annoying is the way application use them,
or how the sounds sound.


Marc-Andr=E9 Lureau

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