Cleaning libegg


Every now and then, there's someone sending a patch for something in
libegg that shouldn't be used anymore. I think it makes sense to remove
the code from libegg that has been integrated in other libraries so that
people don't lose time doing this, and also to avoid people using this
old code.

There are actually two ways to achieve this:

 + remove the files (we can still leave a README to explain what people
   should use)
 + move the stuff in a directory which is not part of the build, and
   which is labeled as obsolete.

I'll push for the first option since we've already done this with some
libegg code (see below) and, well, it's svn, you can get the old code
if you want :-)

Here are the list of directories in libegg, in three categories. Can
people look at the list and check there's no mistake? I'll try to remove
things next week.

Removing (obsoleted by):

 + bookmarkfile: GBookmarkFile
 + combo: GtkComboBox
 + combo-old: README says to use GtkComboBox
 + desktopentries: GKeyFile
 + druid: GtkAssistant
 + fileselector: GtkFileChooser
 + filesystem: GtkFileChooser & friends
 + iconlist: GtkIconView
 + menu: GtkUIManager/GtkAction*
 + print: GtkPrint*
 + print-operation: GtkPrint*
 + recentchooser: GtkRecent*
 + recent-files: GtkRecent*
 + regex: GRegex
 + sequence: GSequence
 + toolbar: GtkToolbar
 + tray: GtkStatusIcon

Stuff with only a README (code already removed):

 + dropdowntoolbutton
 + expander
 + screen-exec


 + background-monitor
 + column-chooser
 + datetime
 + dock
 + fileformatchooser
 + iconchooser
 + md5
 + pixbufthumbnail
 + sidebar
 + smclient
 + thumbnailpreview
 + toolbareditor
 + toolpalette
 + treeviewutils
 + util



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