Re: Debugging startup programs

On Tue, Aug 26, 2008 at 7:20 PM, Federico Mena Quintero
<federico ximian com> wrote:
> It used to be that one could do this to debug an auto-restart program:
> 1. run "gnome-session-remove nautilus",
> 3. run nautilus under gdb
> What's the new way to do that?  Nautilus doesn't even appear in the new
> gnome-session-properties.

gnome-session-properties only shows a list of autostart apps nowadays,
the list of processes that have a connection to the session manager
has been dropped.

In bug 421912 you can find a patch that adds a "Session" column to
gnome-system-monitor. It doesn't yet offer the functionality of
gnome-session-remove, but that should be easy to add if required.


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