Re: indentation of c code

Ysgrifennodd Dodji Seketeli:

Does anyone have a good idea about modelines at the tops of files?  That 
page ought really to cover them, but it doesn't mention them.  We have a 
bug open about it (<>) 
in Metacity.

If you're using an 8-char indent with GNU style, does that mean you go

 if (something)
 <--eight--><--eight-->printf("I like cheese\n");

or is the indent four in that case?

I actually prefer an 8-character indent, but Metacity uses two 
throughout, and it's a bit late to change.  I wish source control worked 
on the basis of tokens rather than lines, as though we were still on 
punched cards, so it wouldn't matter if you reformatted a block.


Thomas Thurman, tthurman at gnome,
Shell Room

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