$module-maint gnome org aliases

The GNOME mailserver contains various $module-maint gnome org aliases.

These are aliases to various mailing lists. For instance:
$ cat gedit-maint
maggi AT athena polito it

$ cat gnome-panel-maint

These files were last generated on Jan 2005. I can't find the script
used to create these aliases. Ideally I just want to get rid of them as
I don't think these are of any use.

Does anyone make use of these maint aliases? They are somewhat
incomplete. E.g. there is a glib-maint, but I couldn't find a gtk+-maint
file. Further, I don't advise anyone to use these aliases are they so
out of date.

I cannot locate the script used to create these files. So I prefer
to remove the aliases completely.


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