gnome-keyring/seahorse progress update

Hi all!

Since things are coming to a close as far as features in the run up to
GNOME 2.24, I thought I'd post an update on where things are with
gnome-keyring and seahorse.

== Gnome Keyring Mailing List ==

There is still no gnome-keyring mailing list, I wish I could send this
update out to a more targeted list of users. See:

== UI support for X509 Certificates in Seahorse ==

This is about the UI for certificate and key management.

The more I learn about crypto, the more I realize I have yet to learn :)
That's the main reason that progress has been slow. The times when I've
rushed things is when I've made some design mistakes.

But that said, I just checked in a proof of concept loading of
certificates into seahorse. All it does is load and list the
certificates. It can use arbitrary PKCS#11 crypto modules, which are
listed at this gconf key:


In the future gnome-keyring will note its PKCS#11 module at that
location, and this will make the user load gnome-keyring certificates
and encryption keys by default.

However this is all still in development, and therefore not enabled by

== Documentation ==

Which brings us to documentation... The PKCS#11 support in gnome-keyring
is not terribly well documented. The idea is to bring the documentation
up to snuff now that it's feature freeze.

== GP11 Library ==

A GObject library for PKCS#11 is being developed as part of the
gnome-keyring module. It includes asynchronous calls, similar to gio. It
is completely spec'd out but not completely implemented:

This started life as part of gnome-keyring but most likely will
eventually grow into it's own module.

That's it for now.


Stef Walter

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