Re: Where's the gnome wallpaper gone in E17 with the latest gnome?


2008/4/26 The DarkMaster <luca darkmaster gmail com>:
> Update: I found that after launching nautilus in E17, the gnome wallpaper is
> setted in background.
>  Nautilus opens a fake desktop window when you opn it (to avoid this you
> should launch it with nautilus --no-desktop) and a normal browser window.
> When it crates the fake desktop window, it also settes the gnome wallpaper
> in background, so, if I killall nautilus, he gnome background remains there
> in background and the gnome-terminal displays transparency...
>  why does this happen? What's different from the previous Ubuntu version?
> Why is nautilus the one who handles this? And why in the previous version it
> was gnome-settings-daemon who took care of this? Does anyone know how can I
> find another way, maybe a command / script to be able to handle this
> background property of gnome without having to run nautilus at all?

Sounds like this:

Does it work if you set /apps/nautilus/preferences/show_desktop=false ?


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