GNOME Goal: run update-desktop-database if your .desktop file provides a MimeType key

I haven't deep checked, but most probably some GNOME applications don't
run `update-desktop-database` during "make install" and "make uninstall"

This is needed in order to register your application as handler for
supported MIME types.

Needed changes are:
      * check for `update-destkop-database` on configure phase
      * add rules in used to install desktop file (see
      * be happy rules to add are:

+	if [ -f $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/applications/defaults.list ] ; then \
+		if which update-desktop-database>/dev/null 2>&1 ; then \
+			update-desktop-database; \
+		fi \
+	fi

(from vinagre, to be honest)

OK to open this Goal for 2.24 release?

PS note that update-desktop-db is different from update-mime-db, the
last one is used when you install a new and custom mime in MIME database

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