sqlite in jhbuild bootstrap [was Re: New Anjuta dependency: libgda-4.0]

Il giorno mer, 09/04/2008 alle 00.19 +0200, Johannes Schmid ha scritto:

> Anyway, our old plugin used to have plain files to store the symbol
> information in some weird format using binary sorting. For the new
> plugin, we decided to use a database instead, in particular sqlite. As
> we wanted to do things in a GObject way, we choose the libgda wrapper
> library. libgda embeds sqlite if not available from the system, so there
> is no explicit sqlite dependency.

About sqlite: there are some[1] GNOME related projects using or
depending on it it.

Could we add sqlite (enabling thread safe option) to `jhbuild
bootstrap`? Which version?

[1] mono, PackageKit, tracker, f-spot (through mono?), WebKitGtk,
rhythmox (optional through libgda), beagle 

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