New Anjuta dependency: libgda-4.0

Hi all!

So, we finally made the first step and merge our new symbol-database plugin into trunk. It's still very alpha but it is getting better every day.

Anyway, our old plugin used to have plain files to store the symbol
information in some weird format using binary sorting. For the new
plugin, we decided to use a database instead, in particular sqlite. As
we wanted to do things in a GObject way, we choose the libgda wrapper
library. libgda embeds sqlite if not available from the system, so there
is no explicit sqlite dependency.

For now, this is just an optional dependency but when it is more stable,
it's likely that we will remove the old symbol-browser and make the new
plugin the default. However, we either need libgda-4.0 as external
dependency or as Desktop module for GNOME 2.24.



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